Stickman Dismounting

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If you love different destruction games, you will enjoy Stickman Dismounting. This entertainment offers you to go through twenty exciting levels with only one task – to bring as much harm to your character as possible. It is going to be a plain stickman. But soon, you will discover that he is quite strong and you will have to apply enough tricks to destroy him!

Experiment with all possible vehicles!

There are a lot of exciting maps in this game. And every time, you will have to put your character on some type of transport and organize an accident! The transport range is wide – you can use buses, cars and even a skateboard. Want to make a really weird experiment with your stickman? Then place him in a shopping cart and push him down the stairs. The more damage you will cause to your character, the more points you will earn. Your creativity is only encouraged in this game – so try to realize all your evil ideas with no hesitation. Create as much destruction as possible!

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