Happy Room

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Do you love to play with weapons? Then welcome to Happy Room where you can enjoy endless experiments and gain a new thrilling experience. You will have a weird task in this entertainment – you will work in a secret laboratory and perform various test with weapons on human-like dummies. Sounds interesting, right? Then hurry up to see everything with your own eyes.

Bring as much damage as possible!

Your aim is not only to kill a stickman that appears in front of you but to bring him as much harm and suffering as you only can. Try to use as many tools and devices as you only can to tear your opponent apart. Each completed level will unlock new weapons and technologies. You just need to do your best to create a real hell room in this virtual laboratory. Make sure you experiment enough with rockets, buzz saws, bombs, laser guns and more. Just unleash your imagination and invent the most shocking tortures ever seen. Do not worry, this violence is only virtual fun!

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