Stickman Dismounting 2022

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Are you brave enough to start a quest in the underground? Your character is a stickman who was once wandering across his world and saw a ladder leading down. Of course, he cannot resist the temptation to see where it ends up. But at this moment, you step on the path full of destruction. Are you ready for this cruel challenge?

Crash the stickman!

The key point of this unusual entertainment is to hurt your character and destroy him! You will be able to select a starting pose for your hero. Try to make the right choice to force the protagonist to fall as many times as possible. The ultimate aim is to break as many bones as possible. You will see each time the details of each trauma and fracture. Experiment with the poses and see what the maximum number of bones you can break in one round. You will also be able to put your stickman in different types of vehicles and push him from the very top of the staircase. The game comes with realistic physics and you will see spectacular scenes of falls.

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