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People Playground is a gripping sandbox where you can orchestrate a great number of spectacular deaths and murders using an extensive set of tools, weapons and materials. Just choose a location and fill it with ragdolls, elements and events. Then launch the game and see how they are going to interact causing maximal destruction! Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Kill your characters in a variety of ways!

Usually, in sandboxes you have to building something. And it’s also true for People Playground. But here everything you create will be destroyed in the end. So while coming up with another setting you have to keep in mind that it will eventually blow up in the faces of the characters you add to the screen. And for everything to go right, you have to figure out how all of the objects on the map are going to interact before pressing start. Not a very easy task that requires quite the engineering skill. But the more you play the more experienced you’ll become at it!

Once you launch the game, you’ll get into the menu that contains multiple sections. Switching between them will give you an idea of what you have at your disposal. There will be characters looking like 8-bit ragdolls that you can place on the location at will. They can become victims of a massive explosions, run away from a heavy-duty truck chasing them, or fight each other with a wide assortment of weapons. These weapons range from knifes and swords to all kinds of guns. There are also different varieties of transport in the game that you can set going through the map or simply drop from the top of it. Dynamite, poison, tanks and other means of causing chaos are available in abundance! You only need to figure out how to use them to stage the most mind-blowing death in history!

Plenty of death tools at your disposal!

People Playground is distinguished by simple, minimalistic visuals that resemble the very first games you played on your console and intuitive interface. You just have to drag and drop the needed objects on the map and customize interaction between them. There will e clues on the screen to help you along, and the lines that will appear when you add another weapon will help you understand the trajectory of the shots and other moments necessary to make sure everything works as planned. And even if it doesn’t – well, that’s even more fun! After all, we play games like this to enjoy unexpectedly crazy situations, and a little bit of awkwardness will only add to the whole rofl effect.

So set out on your destructive journey right now! Drop heavy stuff on your characters, cut them up with chainsaws and lasers, roll them over with various transport and stage incredible fights using a great variety of shotguns, rifles and melee weapons. People Playground will surely allow you to spend a great time and have the most thrilling kind of fun ever!

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