Sandbox Ragdoll

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What about playing with a ragdoll? Do not rush to refuse this idea! It is not a toy little girls usually play with. This time, the entertainment is design for adults as well, and it is quite weird, to be honest. You will interact with a ragdoll personage in a very interesting way – you will test its resistance in various situations. Interested? Then, let’s get started!

Come up with as many experiments as you can!

There is no particular plot in this game. You are just encouraged to test how your character will interact with different objects. Check the menu first to see what types of obstacles you will be able to put in front of your character. And then watch how the stickman will react to all of them. There are no restrictions or limits here – everything depends only on your imagination. You will see various destruction scenes as the hero will not always cope successfully with all the barriers. But you need to experience it all by yourself!

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