There is an opinion that girls are mostly into dressing up and cooking games, everything that has to do with puppies, kitties and babies, furnishing princess castles and coloring cute pictures. However, girls are no strangers to adventures and thrill. And you will have a chance to see that in our games for girls section!

Classic and not quite so games for girls!

Here you will find all kinds of games meant for the tender gender. And not just the classic ones described above. There are also a lot of action and adventure games on this page. You can enjoy driving a super fast car, pass tricky levels filled with obstacles, swing on a rope between the roofs of sky scrapers, even fight with criminals. 21st century is the time when we get rid of stereotypes – and the one that there are some specific games for girls only is one of them! Play just about any kind of game on this page and have a great time!

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