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When we have a minute of spare time when we don’t have to do anything and are in a contemplative mood, we usually spend it wondering how we are living our lives and whether we do it right. But who even gives a thought to possible ways of dying? After all, dying an epic death can feel just as rewarding! And in People Playground, you’ll have a chance to test out different scenarios of it!

Here you will be busy killing your character in a multitude of manners. It can be an intentional action or simply an accident. Your job is to make sure it looks spectacular and can go down in history as one of the most unusual, amazing deaths out there! Just unleash your imagination and experiment with all possible tools you have at your disposal. There are no restrictions as to how you can stage those little deaths of yours. The main thing is to simply have fun!

So, you are going to find yourself on a certain location. Right now it’s empty, but you can change everything by adding a few objects to it. Just do it and see what happens next! The arsenal of instruments is really stunning – you can drop a vehicle on the main hero, or push him off a high cliff, or throw him in the ocean and watch his drown, or fire at him from different kinds of weapons. Some of deaths border pure sci-fi – for instance, how about shoving this little man into a black hole?

Every time the result will be different and you’ll be thrilled to find out how it’s all going to end this time. If you feel too lazy to build anything on your own, you can go to the workshop and check out the ready settings you have there. But if you do enjoy crafting and inventing, People Playground offers a wide field for opening up your engineering potential. It’s also a great way to give vent to your negative energy because, well, it’s about destruction and it’s better to indulge in something like this in a game rather then take it out on innocent people who surround you in real life.

The interface is very simple and intuitive, there are no extra functions or elements that can distract you from the process. You will quickly figure out what to do here and how exactly to do it. The level editor is totally understandable, all it takes is a few minutes to get used to and you won’t have any troubles coming up with another epic way of dying and killing! Enjoy this incredible death sandbox online and get a new gaming experience every day!

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