Ultimate Ninja Swing

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This game may seem cruel and violent at first glance, but in fact, it is quite funny. You will just have to transform into a ninja and learn to perform different stunts using just a rope. Although the task seems easy, you will often struggle to complete the level. Are you in the mood for such a challenge? Then let’s give it a try!

Will you manage to survive?

You will have no weapons or other devices except for a rope. You can regulate its length by stretching it. All you need to do is to swing well and move from point to point, dodging obstacles and avoiding damage. You will have to navigate between sharp edges, chainsaws and other things that can easily kill you. The barriers are really dreadful, and you may even lose a limb or two if you do not move with extreme care. Do your best to keep most of the body parts intact and get to the finish line. Try to earn the maximum number of stars every time you complete the mission. There are 24 cool levels awaiting you in this thrilling entertainment.

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