Stick Slasher

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Colored stickmen are going to meet in a fighting arena. Are you ready to join this confrontation? You will play for a character that looks like a ragdoll. Hence, all his movements are quite clumsy and difficult to control. You will have to master all maneuvers well to succeed. But it will require enough time and effort.

Help your stickman survive!

Your hero will be armed only with a sword and a shield. It may seem that your character is very vulnerable. However, if you use these items skillfully, you will definitely repel the attacks of your opponents. The enemies may attack you from anywhere. They are also designed in a stickman style. For every killed antagonist, you will earn 100 points, and you get another hundred if you manage to hit them right on the head. Some of your attackers will be extremely dangerous – they will hold two swords. Try not to miss their attacks and hold out on the stage for as long as you can. Join now to see how many opponents you will be able to kill!

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