Stickman Temple Duel

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As you know, Stickmen are fans of action and adrenaline. These characters are always looking for trouble and when they can’t find another adventure to plunge into, they just gather together somewhere and create it themselves. Just like in this game where you have a chance to participate in a gripping duel of hand-drawn men!

Let the Stickman fight begin!

You will see two Stickmen standing opposite each other on the arena. Once the fight begins, you need to start moving around it trying to pick the right moment and attack your opponent. He will be trying to do the same, so you have to be very careful and aptly dodge his hits. Each of the fighters has a certain amount of health indicated by diminishing bars. Keep your eye on that bar and make sure it doesn’t run critically low. Although the game has a rather simplistic design and art style, you will surely enjoy the thrilling gameplay and won’t be able to tear yourself away from it for a long time!

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