Pipol Smasher

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Games about destruction and chaos are considered to be brutal and aggressive. But in case of Pipol Smasher, they can also be good for your brain! Yes, because it’s a puzzle! Here you don’t just have to wreck havoc on another virtual city hit-or-miss, but do it with some kind of a purpose, according to certain rules and in the right way to solve the riddle and pass the level! So, shall we begin?

Kill and the people and solve all the puzzles!

The whole point of the game is to crush all the people on the map using various vehicles, traps and obstacles. You will have to control the cars to make sure there is not a single human being left on the screen. That will require quite a lot of logical thinking and mental effort, although the first few levels will be habitually easier than those waiting for you ahead. The graphics is cartoonish and fun, so this game can also be played by kids. And surely it will be fascinating for adults too! Play Pipol Smasher online and enjoy the chaos!

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