People Playground Minecraft

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Minecraft has already delighted us with plenty of amazing game ports. Thanks to this highly popular pixel sandbox, we’ve been able to play our favorite games in a whole new environment, with a stylish angular design and a bunch of crafting possibilities. And now it’s also available for People Playground! Enjoy this great death generating machine in the cubic world and invent a good deal of new scenarios for killing people with a bang!

Just like in the original game, here you will be able to take advantage of numerous weapons and means of transport that can be used to murder the ragdolls in all possible ways, as well as poisons, explosions and even natural disasters. The amount of materials and tools is really exciting, and you can merge various means of destruction to achieve some unexpected effects. And since it wouldn’t be just as interesting to keep smashing everything all the time, you can also use special revival injections to bring the characters back to life again!

So if you want to blow off steam and shake off the tension that grows in all of us during our busy workdays, welcome to People Playground Minecraft! It retains the same minimalistic interface, so there won’t be any complications while navigating through the menu or figuring out how to use the controls. The graphics has also gone less bloody and disturbing because now it all looks more symbolic and doesn’t bring up any direct associations. Start playing right now and have fun!

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