Melon Playground

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We’ve already seen so many sandboxes than when we hear about another one, we perceive it with a kind of a bored tint. After all, what haven’t we seen there? Yet another empty world to be filled with things we can craft from various resources or with ready objects. Just wait, Melon Playground is nothing like that! And if you play it even for a minute, you will understand why!

So what makes it so special? There is no particular plot in the game. It doesn’t tell you any story, or sends you to perform some quests. You don’t encounter any heroes and don’t have to upgrade them as they go through monster-packed locations looking for some sort of an artifact that can save the world. Actually, this game is more about destroying than saving or building. Although you will have to do some building – but just to see it all being blown to pieces in the end!

Yes, your goal in Melon Playground is to destroy everything and everyone on the screen in the most epic and scenic way. And for that, you will have a wide range of instruments that you can use to come up with countless versions of settings where the action will take place. Just choose the needed objects in the menu and put them on the field where you want to see them. You can also add one or a few characters. Then you can assign certain actions for them – for instance, make them shoot at each other or fight on swords. But you don’t have to limit yourself with just the interaction between them – feel free to add any number of other elements that will come into play at the right time making things even more chaotic and destructive!

Since you can combine objects and ragdolls in all possible ways, the game gives you limitless opportunities as to the scenarios you can come up with. And every time you won’t know how it’s going to look in this particular situation even though you just staged it yourself. So there are a lot of surprises waiting for you as you practice in your evil hobby! Once everything is set, you just need to push the button, sit back and watch the whole thing unfold before your eyes. If you didn’t calculate something right and it didn’t work as planned, no big deal – just consider your mistakes and try to fix them next time. And besides, it doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect – crazy is just as good and even more fun! So are you up for spending your free evening trying out Melon Playground? If yes, start doing it right now!

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